What is a Dory boat?

Boat Building

Boat Building

The Dory boat is actually a draft boat, small and shallow in shape. It is spelt as “dorey” by the British Royal Navy. These boats have been long used in commercial fishing, and are still a popular choice with most fishermen. These are one of the simplest forms of boats, and can unassumingly perform in all kinds of rough situations. Know for their versatility and durability, these boats are the first choice in all types of sailing activities, be it at the beach, the river or in the deep blue sea.

Set apart from other boats by its unique architecture and construction, the dory is identified by-

  • A flat bottom
  • A naturally acquired hull shape (the dory is constructed using a sawn plank that has a natural curve, and thus, doesn’t need to be steam bent)
  • A narrow transom with a shape resembling a tombstone.
  • A body suited to carry heavy loads in all kind so waters.

Nautical architecture-

This boat is a smaller type of boat, starting from five meters and coming up to seven meters long (15 to 22 feet). Characterized by a flat bottom, it is one of the shallow boats, and is comfortably lightweight. The boat has distinctly sharp bows, with planks overlapping the front stems of the boat and their hood ends covered by an outer stem.

Though these boats have often been labelled as ‘tippy’, they can manifest unequalled stability in the roughest of waters. They have a unique ability to tip up to a low point and then considerably stiffen up to maintain balance in an unfaltering way. This activity helps in resisting any further tendency for the boat to roll.

Time and again, the dory has proved to be seaworthy, and ever since its first commercial debut back in 1719, it has grown to be famous even outside its homeland, England.

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