The Art of Designing a Boat

A Ship Being Designed

A Ship Being Designed

Designing a boat is an art; therefore it must be treated as so. With today’s technology, you can design a state-of-the-art masterpiece right from your computer. That’s right; you can make this task so easy, even a caveman could do it, hah-hah.

It doesn’t matter if you’re classified as an amateur, novice, beginner or an idiot. If you can follow these step-by-step instructions, you’ll be a genius at the end of the day.

Step one: Brace yourself at the computer and make sure you’re not disturbed because this is going to rock your world.

Step two: Go online and find a URL for boat designs that can be downloaded unto your hard drive. It’s vital for designing a boat that is not only a thing of beauty, but also structurally sound. Once you find one these awesome programs, you will be well on your way to entering boat design supremacy.

Once you have successfully installed both programs in a file that’s cool for you, go to the one specifically for designing and click the “hull.exe” file, which is customary for all boat design programs. BING! An amazing picture display the shape of a boat has appeared on your screen! Don’t panic, it’s natural.

Now you need to locate your “help file” (also customary) and follow the instructions on your computer like being fixed on your favorite food. Once you have successfully followed the instructions, you will be sent where hundreds of people have designed their dream boats. Choose the design of your dreams, but do not save it. The file will have to be overwritten, don’t worry though, you will own your design. You have in your possession the best design ever imaginable.

Now leave that particular program, your creation will be saved in a default file (default.hul). You must now “import” your masterpiece. And right before your very eyes, all the hard work you put into building a boat will manifest itself. Voila! Now print it, and head to your design shop.


Do You Want to Start Building A Boat?

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