How to Build Wooden Boats

Wooden Boat Building

Wooden Boat Building

If you’re one of those outdoor people who love the waters and have been salivating from the mouth at wooden boats, then pick up lip and let’s build a ship. Oops! I mean a boat, it just sounded so much better.

The first order of business is; knowing what style of boat you’re mesmerized by. Let’s go with something simple, like a small wooden craft, to start with. In order to build a small wood boat and any other wooden boats, you must first gather your material. Now don’t go getting your breaches all in a bunch, building this boat will not require a lot of money or hard work. All you need is a few hand tools and a heart full of desire. It will truly amaze you and your kids how easy it will be to build this lifetime of fun and adventure. Here’s a list of materials needed for this project:

  • Outboard motor
  • Some 2inch nails
  • Four 16ft. long, 1inchX10inch pine boards
  • One 16ft. 2×4 spruce board
  • One 2ft.  2×4 spruce board
  • One 16 ½ x ¼ , 4ft. long spruce board
  • One 120ft. ¾ x 6inch cedar or spruce board
  • One 16ft. 7/8 x 10ft. pine or cedar board
  • Two 16ft. 7/8 x 2inch spruce boards
  • One strap piece of board about 4ft long
  • Some 11/4inch x 10inch metal sheeting
  • Some white lead, about one pound
  • An old sheet

The tools that will be required to complete this job would be a hammer, plane, saw, chisel and a heavy drift. Now once you have assembled all your material and tools, the only thing that’s left is building the boat.

However, if you’re the type that likes a fully laid-out design, perhaps you would benefit from using one of the design software packages available today.  Most good programs will help you design, create schematics and obtain a materials list. Often the software pays for itself with your first project.


Do You Want to Start Building A Boat?

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