Building a Boat is Easy

A Completed Wooden Boat

A Completed Wooden Boat

Building a boat is easy if approached in the right state of mind. Many people begin tasks only to get half way through it and throw in the towel. However, boat building will have you saving your towels for drying off after the successful completion of building a boat.

Regardless of what kind of materials you plan on using to build your boat, it can be as easy as baking pumpkin pie. There are just few minor issues to address and you will be on your way to enjoying every nail you drive and every coat of adhesive you apply. And you will undeniably inherit a great appreciation for the craft.

  • Make certain this is what you want to do and that you are mentally and physically fit to perform this task, we don’t want you getting half way down the road and waste a perfectly good dry-off towel for when come climbing back into a well crafted boat. Having the right frame of mind when building a boat is contagious to other and that’s what you want for what you got planned.

  • If you’re sure this is what you want to do; then calculate the cost of material and visit your favorite Home Depot, Lowes or Hardware store and get some plywood, waterproof adhesive and other miscellaneous things you will need to build a reliable and steady means of transportation in the water.

  • Once you have calculated your cost and purchased your material. In order to make building a boat fun and easy; after having the trailer packed with the material, grab the family (girls and boys), head to the place where you have reserved and let the fun begin.


6 Part Mini Course

6 Part Mini Course

Boat Design 6 Part Mini Course

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